Final Step in Lemon Labs Story

Since 2011 we have created a number of mobile products for our clients and for fun. In each and every one, quality of design and code has always been a priority for us.

However, there is a certain limit of what you can do while being in service business. We always had a desire to build a global mobile product and lead its way to the top.

We are happy to announce that in January 2015, Lemon Labs has been acquired by Wahanda, health and beauty marketplace.

Regardless of our success as a service company, we truly believe this is the best choice for the whole team at Lemon Labs. It’s an opportunity for everyone to grow, both professionally and personally.

We could not have achieved this without everyone we met on the way: friends and families, partners and competitors, and, of course, our clients. Thank you.

This is the final step of Lemon Labs story, and we invite you to explore it all.

Lemon Labs Team